What makes a typical Strava user?

Strava’s community is made up of 100M+ people from around the globe. Everyone knows that Strava users are active  - whether they’re a once a week (or less!) runner, a weekend cyclist, the nightly Peloton or Zwift user, or an elite ultrarunner or triathlete. But who makes up this community of active people? And can we identify any commonalities? Other than, you guessed it, being active…

Using GWI data, we’ve looked at notable traits of typical Strava users, from their socioeconomic characteristics to interests and even opinions.

Important note: these are not based on our own surveys or analysis of any personal or public Strava data, but from research surveys taken by GWI to their core audience around the world. All data taken from GWI Core survey responses, 2022-2023.

We’ve summarized the key findings to help brands understand a bit more about our unique community. When we have highlighted a characteristic, this is based on Strava users typically “over-indexing” when compared to a control group of all internet users – i.e. they are more likely to agree with a statement or share a characteristic than those not on Strava. 

A High Value Audience

When you engage with Strava users, you’re reaching an audience that is much more receptive to the value your brand provides and is willing to spend on their interests. 

  • Strava users are 115% more likely to purchase sports equipment online in the past month than the average internet user is. 

  • Additionally, Strava users are 90% more likely to buy the premium version of a product, 30% more likely to use a loyalty or rewards program, and are 30% more likely to be brand loyalists than the average internet user. 

  • They’re also 118% more likely to purchase products and services to access the community around them, and 52% more likely to buy a brand that they’ve seen advertised. 

GWI data on Strava users

We Live Life to its Fullest

Unsurprisingly, Strava users pursue adventure and new experiences. We love cycling and running, but we’re fans of other sports too. 

  • 1.8X more likely to take winter sport holidays.
  • 1.76X more likely to follow surfing. 
  • 1.3X more likely to view outdoor adventure activities as vacation inspirations.
  • And as we found in our 2022 Year in Sport, 52% of Strava athletes uploaded trail activities in 2022.

We’re Here for the Trend Setters & Upstarts

Whether you’re an up and coming apparel brand, or an established player looking to break into a new region or product vertical, Strava is the perfect place to reach new audiences. Strava users show an outsized propensity for trying new things and sharing their experiences.

  • 80% more likely to identify as "early adopters"
  • 2x times more likely to identify as “trend-setters”
  • 20% more likely to tell friends and family about new products.

We’re Gadget Geeks

Unsurprisingly, Strava users embrace technology in their daily lives. After all, we are a health and fitness platform. According to GWI, Strava users are 30% more likely to trust new technology as a vehicle to improve their health and 40% more likely to own smart home products. 

Built by Active People, for Active People

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