Connect with athletes anytime, anywhere

Clubs give brands an opportunity to build a community of athletes at no cost. They are the perfect forum for getting the word out, sharing content, organizing events and getting feedback from your customers.

How Clubs Work

Community is at the heart of the Strava experience, and businesses use clubs to build local and global networks of athletes who love their brand. Post content, organize events, share a route, promote a campaign – how you inspire athletes with your club is completely up to you.

Create a club

Clubs are free and easy to set up from any Strava profile. Anytime your organization is publishing original content or sharing relevant articles, they can be shared with your Strava club. Learn more about setting up your club.

Build an Audience

After creating your club, promote it and build an audience (we can help!). Your club is a great place to interact regularly with your athletes and keep them up-to-date with your organization.

Engage with your community

By joining your club, athletes will receive every club post directly to their feed.

Club Benefits


Communicate and share content with passionate athletes


Every club post goes into your athletes' feeds


Athletes interact with club posts at significantly higher rates than on traditional social networks

Case Study


Increasing brand and product visibility with dedicated athletes

Polar identified Strava as an important community to engage and sought to build a presence on the platform. The brand also wanted to highlight Strava Live Segments on Polar V800 and V650 devices.


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