Grow your brand with Strava Clubs

What is a Strava Club?

Clubs are your brand’s home on Strava. Your club provides a space to share content with users, grow brand awareness and build a genuine, long-term digital community.

Alongside sponsored challenges and activating your brand ambassadors, Strava clubs are a key tool in any brand’s arsenal to unlock Strava’s full potential as a marketing channel. And they are an ever-growing part of the Strava experience. In 2021, the percentage of athletes joining Strava clubs increased by 37 percent, with over 189,000 new Clubs created (2021 year-end report).

Between Q4 2018 and Q4 2021, Strava clubs saw audience growth of 279%, double that of most other mainstream social media channels. Whether you’re just boosting a global campaign, activating local audiences through community events, or highlighting your brand ambassadors, or promoting products, your club is the perfect tool for you.

More reach than you'd expect

As club posts don’t compete for room in the feed with ads and sponsored content, Brands and athletes benefit from much higher engagement & reach on Strava when compared to other platforms.

Taking an integrated approach to leveraging clubs, athlete ambassadors, and challenges is the most effective strategy for driving brand loyalty. 

Creating Your Club

Log into Strava on desktop devices and go to:

Upload your logo and relevant cover photo, vanity URL and description

Strava Club Asset specs


Upload your brand's logo as your club's logo.

Recommended specs: 248×248 px

Cover Image

Choose a clear cover image image that reflect's your brand's ethos and purpose.

Recommended specs: 1200 x 600 px

Appoint Admins!

Appoint an employee(s) as your club admin. 

Tip: If possible, use a shared email address or distribution group, as opposed to an individual employee's email address, for your Strava club to allow easier management across a team.

Figure A: Upload a logo, cover photo, and appoint your admins!

Pro Tips:

Make your copy short and succinct!

Use relevant UTM tags and tracking for your website URL (where relevant)!

Don’t forget to use a vanity club URL for easy linking and memorability!

Best Practices

Post Frequently

If you don’t engage with your community, they won’t engage with you.

Highlight ambassadors

Sharing content around your ambassadors’ latest adventures, training and tips builds brand love on Strava.

Use events

Events are a great way to drive engagement with your brand. When you create one, all club members are notified to join.

Pro Tip: Take an integrated approach on Strava by leveraging clubs, athlete ambassadors, and challenges in tandem. It's he most effective strategy for driving brand loyalty and growing your brand's profile on Strava.

Club Posts

Posts are the basic unit of content in a Strava club. We’ve made it easy for club admins to publish content, from quick posts and photos to promoting in-person events.

What Kind of Content Works Best?

Highlight Your Brand Ambassadors

Sharing content around your athletes’ latest adventures, external media, and training tips builds brand love on Strava.

Share Training Tips

Share training, nutrition, and other tips. When you help members lead a more active lifestyle, you’re driving brand love & loyalty 

Promote New Products

Highlight your products in front an audience deeply interested in leading an active lifestyle.

Run Giveaways!

Everyone loves the chance to win awesome prizes. Running a giveaway is a great way to supercharge club engagement and grow club membership.

Create Events

Building community and driving awareness through IRL connection is a tried and tested solution to drive organic growth through word of mouth promotion — and your community is the best way. Creating a club event to engage your audience IRL is a great way to humanize your brand and build a loyal following.

Creating it through your club directly notifies all members of upcoming activities, get headcount, and inform potential new members as well. 

Growth Hacks

Want to grow your club? Here are some tips and tricks to grow your club's audience and great a vibrant and engaged community.

Sponsored Challenges

Create a targeted activation to drive engagement and community building on Strava. Want to supercharge your club growth? There’s no better way than a sponsored challenge. As well as driving clickthroughs to a partner’s site, a challenge automatically promotes a brand’s associated club to all its participants.


Promote your Club on IG & other social platforms to build a following

Leverage Brand Ambassadors

When your brand ambassadors join your club, their followers see that in their feed with a CTA to join. Encourage athletes to @ mention clubs in their activities. 

Link Club in Websites

Make the most of your existing traffic on your owned media. Plug your Strava club alongside your other socials to help engage with your users in a more authentic community setting,

Example Strava Club link on a website

Get verified and help us with the future of clubs

For well-known brands that run clubs on Strava, we offer a verification program to help identify your club as one of significant value to our community. Having the verification badge signals authenticity, safety, and a trusted source. Think your club qualifies? Complete the form here.

Want to go a step further? We've opened a beta program to help gain feedback directly from club users and admins. Sign up here.

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