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You can be an interruptive ad for them on another platform, or their source of motivation on Strava.

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Sponsored Challenges

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Motivate people to get active in return for a reward – all with your brand at the center.

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Branded Content

Tell your story to our audience

Work with us to create and promote content to our global audience.

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Case Studies


EdenTree wanted to build on their large-scale charitable giving with an activation that motivated people to move and unlock donations to a great cause.

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Škoda We Love Cycling

We Love Cycling wanted to engage Strava’s cycling community to maximise their readership. They did this across two challenges in 2023.

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Potatoes USA

Potatoes USA wanted to drive awareness of the humble (but mighty) potato as a performance fuel, particularly amongst active people. 

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Bandit challenged Strava runners to complete more than 2 hours of running to earn 20% off on Bandit apparel and a chance to win a limited edition Bandit prize pack.

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