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Sponsored Challenges

How much does a challenge cost?

Challenges start at $20,000 (USD) and scale based on duration, targeting and promotion. The maximum investment is ~$200k. If a challenge is within your budget and you would like to pursue this opportunity, please get in touch and we will get back to you if we believe there is a fit.

Can my company sponsor a challenge?

Strava focuses on brands who are endemic to the fitness space, given the types of users on our platform. Here is the criteria we look at:
- The sponsor's product is endemic to the fitness space (i.e. New Balance running shoes, Trek bikes, Clif bar nutrition, etc.)
- The sponsor has an existing relationship with a popular event (i.e. The Virgin Money London Marathon, TCS New York City Marathon, etc.)
- The sponsor already supports athletic initiatives (i.e. Michelob Ultra's focus on fitness/wellness etc.)

We are an agency representing a client and would like to discuss sponsored challenges, what options do we have?

If the client(s) you represent fall within the different areas we consider for sponsorship (see the question above), then feel free to get in contact. Strava's main priority is to create value for our athletes, and one of the key ways of ensuring this is by partnering with relevant sporting/athletic brands that are endemic to the Strava experience.

We are a charity/nonprofit looking to take our fundraising event virtual, how do we do that?

We offer sponsored challenges to charities at a discounted rate – however the entry-level cost remains at $20,000 USD. If this is within budget for your organization and you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, please get in touch.

Can I buy display ads on Strava?

We do not sell regular advertising space on Strava. Our 'advertising' offering comes in the form of sponsored challenges, which are available to brands that can be a motivational influence to athletes, and not a disruptive force.

Does Strava offer promoted posts for brands?

We do not offer promoted posts for brands. Unlike traditional social media, where brands typically pay to boost the reach of posts, post-interaction on Strava clubs is organic. Each post from your club is inserted into the feed of each of your club members, so you can reach your community directly. This article on our website has some great research on the effectiveness of a Strava club vs traditional social media.

What if a sponsored challenge isn't quite right for us?

Clubs can be used as a viable alternative and a great way to build your community on Strava! Please refer to the following document for more information: Strava Clubs Guide

Can I geotarget my Strava challenge/How does targeting of challenges work?

Challenges are targeted based on geographical area (down to country level, or state level within the US) and athlete type (e.g. runners and multisport athletes in North America; cyclists in Benelux; all athletes globally). It's up to you how you choose to target your challenge; the more athletes that are within the chosen targeting, the higher the price of the challenge.


I want to host a challenge for my club page, how do I go about starting one?

Right now, the only way to directly host a challenge of this sort is through the sponsored challenge program.

Whilst sponsored challenges are available to relevant sporting/athletic brands as a paid media activation, smaller, more localised challenges (within clubs, for example) are not currently available, but are something that we're looking at offering. As soon as we have any information on this we'll be sure to let all club owners and members know - we're hoping to have some information to share with you soon!

I want to grow my Strava club, how can I do that?

You can post about your Strava club on your existing social media channels to begin growing your community on Strava, but a sponsored challenge is a proven way to supercharge club joins. Repeat challenges also continue to drive new members each time.

How do I create a business account?

Whilst we don't offer a specific business account, you can create an athlete account for your business and have that profile serve as the club Admin. You just need to create a new profile (as you would for an individual) in the business' name (please note that this must include both a first and second name). Please see our Clubs Guide for more information.

General queries

I have a question about my Strava subscription

Our support team should be able to help you with this request - please contact them directly by following these instructions.

Does Strava support pixels or other third party tracking, such as click or impression tracking, in-app?

Strava does not accept third party pixels due to the nature of our platform. Our sponsorship experience is different than traditional advertisements which means that metrics like CPM, CPJ, etc. are indicative of campaign success. Additionally, due to the sensitive and personal nature of Strava's user data, we need to ensure we are taking extra precautions to protect the personal information of our users.

Case Study


Game-changing technology

Seeking to leverage Strava’s diverse and expansive user base, AfterShokz reached out in 2019 to build brand awareness and strengthen their brand image among athletes


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