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Motivate people to move.

Sponsored challenges allow brands to set goals for active people and provide motivation in their lives.

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Get in front of your active audience

You offer the Challenge – be it based on distance, time or something else related to your brand – and the incentive, e.g. a discount or an entry to a grand prize drawing. Athletes see the challenge and join it – and their followers will see that they’ve done so.

Challenges appear naturally on the Strava platform and are a proven way to promote awareness, drive revenue and build your audience.

Sponsored Challenges increase brand recall by an average of 133%*

Multisport Research 2022: Strava survey data

Build your perfect challenge

Choose from targeting by sport type, location and demographics, and combine with six types of activation.

‍Combining precise targeting with a great incentive, challenges are an authentic way to get your target audience to engage with your brand whilst being active.

Challenge Types


E.g. complete three activities per week for four weeks.


E.g. ride 40 km in a single activity or cumulatively over several weeks.


E.g. run for 45 minutes in a single activity or cumulatively over several weeks.


E.g. climb 1 km in a single activity or cumulatively over several weeks.


Complete a defined Strava segment.


E.g. participants join forces to complete 1,000,000 miles in a month.


Athlete Type

Runners, Cyclists, Hikers, Walkers, Multisport. Selected combinations or all types.


Country, state or city. Selected combinations or all (global).


Male, Female, All

Why choose sponsored challenges?

Drive Sales

We drive revenue for our Partners through targeted activation, incentives and seamless click-throughs.

Brand Awareness

With the world’s largest athletic community, Strava is a proven place to build your awareness among active people.

Build Community

When you increase your presence on Strava, you’re building a highly engaged community for your brand. All set for long term growth.

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Build your understanding of Strava Sponsored Challenges – a unique way to target active people.

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