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Brand Ambassadors can be a key part of consumer brands’ marketing strategies. They fly your brand’s flag, provide a key endorsement of your product, and can play a pivotal role in boosting campaign performance. 

With our community of 100M active people, Strava is the ideal place for your athletes to drive awareness and engagement.

The Strava brand flywheel

By logging activities, participating in sponsored challenges and posting in clubs, sponsored athletes can supercharge your brand’s presence.

If you aren’t already using your brand ambassadors, you’re missing out on a key avenue to maximize your Strava presence. 

Strava is a global community of active people, which means your brand ambassadors are highly to our audience, and typically see higher organic engagement. 

On Strava, users are at least three times more likely to engage with content when compared to other social channels. On top of that, an athlete’s content is seen by two times more of their followers when compared to other social channels. 

How Can Brand Ambassadors Promote Your Brand

Athlete activities are the pillar of any brand’s presence on Strava. Your brand ambassadors drive awareness through various key content touch points.

  1. Adding Gear

Athletes can upload shoes & bikes to their gear locker. So when they log activities, their gear is displayed in the activity. Fans are curious about the gear their favorite pros use - so it’s great “discreet” product placement. 

  1. Tagging & Joining Brand Clubs

When your brand ambassadors join your clubs, all of their followers see a notification in their feed pop up with a call-to-action to join. This supercharges club growth - for free. Additionally, they can @ mention your club in their activity descriptions to highlight your club & drive joins.

  1. Highlight Products in Activities.

Encourage your brand ambassadors to highlight your brand’s products in their activity - whether through including snapshots of them in photo & video, or giving them shoutouts in the activity description. What better way to showcase your brand’s product’s than to show them tried & tested in the field? 

  1. Join & Complete Challenges

When your brand ambassadors join sponsored challenges, all of their followers see a notification in their feed pop up, along with a call-to-action to join. This drives additional challenge impressions and joins - for free. When an athlete completes a challenge, a badge signifying that they’ve completed the challenge is displayed on the activity - driving additional challenge impressions & prompting athletes to join the challenge if they haven’t already.

  1. Adding your brand as a sponsor

Pro athletes can add your brand as a sponsor, featuring your logo & linking to your website under the “Sponsors” section. This is only available on the web version.

Additionally, have any athletes you sponsor highlight your brand as a partner in their bio, like they would on Instagram.

Ambassadors Can Supercharge Clubs

  1. Encourage Ambassadors to Promote Your Club

Your ambassadors can drive club growth by joining your brand’s club & tagging it in their activities using @ mentions. It’s a key touch point for your club on Strava and helps drive awareness and increase club membership. Additionally, when athletes (ambassadors or not) join your club, all of their followers see that displayed in-feed, along with a call-to-action to join the club if they haven’t already. 

  1. Feature Ambassadors in Club Content

Great club content often highlights athletes’ major achievements like race wins or epic solo projects, or just sharing training tips, interviews, and other content that excites your Strava community. It’s a great way to elevate the profile of your brand ambassadors on Strava & get your club members to follow them on Strava.

With our audience of millions of active people, Strava is the platform where your brand ambassadors can have an outsized impact on promoting your brand. Brand ambassadors are one of the key pillars of any brand’s marketing strategy on Strava – alongside clubs & sponsored challenges. If you’re not already using them, what are you waiting for?

Combining other channels

Combining your brand ambassadors’ presence on Strava with other social media creates a strong network effect. Consider asking your athletes to promote your brand, club or challenge on their own profiles across several networks to drive active people to engage on Strava, too – where they benefit from typically higher organic engagement levels

Activate your brand ambassadors

Boost your brand presence, visibility and engagement by verifying your pro athletes.

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