Showcasing gear on Strava

Gear: it’s an evergreen, always-on way of highlighting your brand and the products you build - in the field. Strava enables users to upload their gear (shoes + bikes) to Strava, empowering them to track mileage and see when they might need a new pair of shoes. It’s a useful feature for Strava users, but a powerful one for brands like yours. Whether it’s pro athletes, well-known fitness trainers, or your friends, everyone knows who’s wearing (or riding) what. 

This can be a secret weapon for brands. Already operate a Strava Club? Encourage your members to update and share their brand love for others to see. Work with pro athletes on Strava? Get them to showcase their favorite gear on each and every activity. And combining this with a Sponsored Challenge means your brand will go even further, with potentially millions of further impressions of activity and the gear that powers it.

Favorite gear for your favorite activity

Some users might use a pair of Brooks Ghost 10s for their road runs, but crush the trails with some HOKA Speedgoats. Or, they shred the downhills on a Canyon hardtail and cruise to work on a Specialized e-Bike. We've launched a new update where users can set default gear by sport, to make their lives easier.

No more updating to the right boots after a hike, keeping up with training shoes or switching between bikes. This highly requested feature update makes it easier to track gear accurately so they can keep up with maintenance or know when to replace an item, driving sales for brands like you (for free!)

For bikes this applies to: Ride, E-bike Ride, Virtual Ride, Handcycle, Velomobile Ride, MTB Ride, Gravel Ride and E-MTB Ride activities. And for shoes it works for: Run, Hike, Walk, Virtual Run and Trail Run activities

To edit, remove and select your default gear on mobile, go to You > Profile > Gear. On the web, head to My Profile > Shoes. Set your go-to gear, and well, you're set!

Refresher: How to Upload Gear

  1. To edit, remove and select your default gear on mobile, go to You > Profile > Gear. On the web, head to My Profile > Shoes/Bikes. 

  1. Fill out the various fields on the page, save, and go play!

Note: they can select “default sports” for the gear item, which automatically attaches the gear item to any activity falling under the specified default sport.

  1. Whenever the user uploads an activity, their gear is automatically linked and displayed in the activity details page.

Next steps

Work for a footwear or bike brand? Get started by spreading the word about gear in your Strava club (note: if you don’t already have one, check out our guide). 

Encourage your athletes to list their branded gear and set default equipment by activity

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