What started as a small family-based rope factory in the mid-19th century has become an innovative outdoor and sportswear brand with a worldwide reputation. Mammut stands for Swiss quality, for high performance and long lasting mountain equipment.

In June of 2020, the world was in an unprecedented position caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Among the many ways the virus affected the lives of every single person on the planet was a shift in how, when and for how long people were able to stay active. Although global cases had just surpassed 6.5 million, many countries that had previously been in lockdown were starting to ease their restrictions, and after these lengthy and difficult periods, residents of some countries were fortunate enough to be able to venture out and begin exercising again.

As a result of gym closures, reduced access to outdoor trails and the enforcement of social distancing measures, athletes across the world needed to rethink their approach to staying active during the pandemic. Acknowledging this shift in behaviour, Mammut approached Strava with an idea for a suitable challenge. They wanted to encourage athletes to stay active and push themselves while adhering to their government’s safety guidelines, and according to Mammut's global head of E-commerce Christian Kehr, Strava was "the perfect platform in terms of reach and relevance".

Appearing on Strava for the first time, Mammut set a straightforward goal for the Local Adventure Challenge – record 10 hours of activity in 4 weeks, however you like. Seeking to empower all athletes to take up the challenge, all activity types available to record on Strava counted towards the goal. As if the opportunity to go on your own local adventure wasn’t enough to coax people into movement, Mammut offered up three different tiers of rewards to athletes who completed the challenge; anyone who completed would earn a €50 reward at mammut.com; those who opted in by sharing their email address would get a chance to win a Swiss mountaineering adventure in 2021, and any athletes who used the hashtag #LocalAdventureChallenge in their Instagram posts would have the chance to win Mammut prizes, all orchestrated through the newly-founded Mammut Strava club.


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“What started as a crazy idea to encourage people to go outdoors, but stay local due to COVID regulations, turned into one of our best marketing campaigns ever to reach new audiences around the globe.”

Christian Kehr

Global Head of Ecommerce

Mammut’s vision to open up the Local Adventure challenge to all athletes paid off – 328,668 athletes signed up. The challenge was targeted to the UK, DACH and Scandinavia; however as a result of the virality of challenges, the challenge spread far and wide across the platform, with athletes from 178 nations signing up. Owing to Mammut’s mass appeal to a wide range of adventurers, the challenge ended with a completion rate of 83.25%. Via a combination of an engaged cohort of athletes, an attractive prize structure and an inclusive challenge, the brand‘s first challenge was one to remember. The brand reported a ROI of 10:1 as a result of their activation on Strava.

Mammut’s debut challenge on the platform also saw the launch of their Strava club. Despite their worldwide renown amongst athletes, the brand hadn’t yet set up their own club page. The club was created alongside the challenge, and club membership soared as athletes signed up for their own Local Adventure. Every challenge sponsor has the opportunity to surface their Strava club as part of the challenge, and Mammut took full advantage of this opportunity to begin building their community of engaged athletes. For more information on the efficacy of a Strava club vs a brand page on a traditional social media platform, take a look at this report conducted by Multisport Research.

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