The most successful brands on Strava build community, inspire athletes and unlock potential. In addition to leading the way in technological innovations and heart rate monitors since 1977, Polar has created one of the most engaging clubs on Strava.


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“We see the Strava club as important, if not more so, than our traditional social media presences, such as Facebook.”

Jimmy Adamson

Polar, Community Manager – Global Marketing

The Finnish device maker launched their Strava club in June 2017, but did not simply set it and forget it. To build an initial audience, they promoted the new club on and their Instagram account. Ever since, Polar has posted a steady stream of engaging content, including running tips, inspirational photos, contests and new product features. Athletes have responded with over 75,000 kudos and comments. Participation is also high: 44% of club members have engaged with at least one post.

Knowing its audience is always seeking new ways to improve, Polar used the club platform to spread awareness for a new integration with Strava Live Segments, which allow athletes to see their real-time performance on popular routes. The V800 and V650 are the first Polar devices to feature this capability. According to Jimmy Adamson, Community Manager—Global Marketing, Polar has received a “huge amount of love [around this deeper integration with Strava]. It has delighted the community.”

The club has grown to over 25,000 members, and is truly global with athletes representing 143 different countries, providing the brand with a valuable audience of dedicated and diverse athletes.

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