TRIBE has only been around for 3 years, but the brand has big goals to lead a revolution in sports nutrition. Through three successful sponsored challenges with 82K total participants, TRIBE has increased their presence on Strava and seen significant boosts in e-commerce sales, new customers, and brand awareness.


Increase in customers acquired YoY


Uplift in e-commerce sales


Participants across 3 Strava challenges in 2018-9

We think of Strava as a central component to our marketing strategy. It’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity to launch a strong brand campaign as well as rally our community.

Pam Tait

Growth Marketing Manager

TRIBE sought to connect with athletes and viewed Strava as the strongest platform to engage with that audience. “We wanted to speak to runners at a key time of year,” explained Pam Tait, TRIBE’s Growth Marketing Manager. “Timing the challenge with new year’s resolutions made sense for us.” The You Against You challenge, encouraging athletes to get 10% better, launched in January 2018 and served as a strong introduction to Strava members. 

The next year, in January 2019, TRIBE came up with a brand campaign called the 1 Million Mile Challenge to raise money to fight human trafficking via the TRIBE Freedom Foundation. “Lots of our community is already on Strava, so we decided to put our 100 Minute Challenge at the center of our entire campaign,” said Tait. 

Although the Strava challenge lasted two weeks, the TRIBE team extended the reach over a 3-month period with a series of emails to promote the event and encouraged athletes to redeem their well-earned offers. 

The year over year results from the two different January challenges was remarkable. TRIBE saw a 20% lift in customers acquired and a 33% lift in e-commerce sales. Additionally, a survey of Strava members after the third TRIBE challenge showed significant increases in brand awareness, willingness to buy, and having tried the product.

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