Smartwool challenged Strava’s skiers & snowboarders to log 23 hours on the slopes over the course of a month for a $50 gift certificate towards their next full-price Smartwool base layer purchase, plus a chance to win a trip to Jackson Hole for the Rendezvous Festival.


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“Strava is a place where our target audience lives to be active, so is a natural fit for our brand. We love the challenge mechanism and it’s a really great way to drive community engagement and motivate our target audience to get out there and have fun.”

Head of Global Marketing and Creative

Denise Anderson

Why Strava

Smartwool first partnered with Strava in 2019, when they sought to promote their new ultra running sock and try a new channel to grow brand awareness and community engagement. 

Smartwool sought to craft an activation that really spoke to ultrarunners, and they needed to identify the channels where their campaign and product could really resonate with the audience. So what better way than to activate on Strava and challenge athletes to complete 100 miles in a month to redeem a gift certificate? Since then, they have run five additional Strava challenges (for a total of six overall) targeted at runners, skiers, cyclists, and other athletes. The Smartwool team places a huge emphasis on brand awareness, so reaching their target audience authentically and consistently is a key part of their marketing strategy.


The challenge garnered 31,215 participants, and 12,235 of those athletes were first-time participants in a Smartwool challenge. Out of the total participants, 2,393 athletes (7.5%) completed the challenge. Smartwool saw solid community growth, with 1,298 athletes joining their Strava club. 

Although setting a lofty goal of 23 hours of skiing & snowboarding, Smartwool was pleased with the completion rate. As a brand, they are keen on campaigns that are authentic to their current & future audiences, who relish the idea of a rewarding challenge. 

Learnings and next steps

The team thought long and hard about the right balance for their challenge completion goal; too hard and relatively few athletes complete it. Too easy and it seems inauthentic. This will be front of mind for any future challenges.

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