The Challenge

GOREWEAR challenged Strava athletes to take advantage of the long daylight hours before the summer solstice and complete 220 minutes of activity running, wheelchairing, or hiking. Finishers were rewarded with a 30 percent discount code, as well as a chance to win a GOREWEAR kit with a value of $500.

Why Strava

GOREWEAR was keen on leveraging Strava as a North American marketing channel, having focused primarily in Europe prior to this challenge. Knowing that they had to meet their consumers where they were, tapping into Strava’s vast audience of self-driven outdoor-oriented athletes across the continent was a no-brainer


During their partnership with Strava, GOREWEAR noticed a few positive trends: YOY traffic was up, they noticed higher engagement on social media than the previous month, and e-commerce YOY sales during that time increased. GOREWEAR was extremely pleased with how Strava athletes embraced their brand, with 160,730 athletes joining the challenge, where 92,491 Strava athletes were first time GOREWEAR challenge participants. They attributed this success to working with Strava on best practices and the feedback that Strava’s team provided for creating an enticing challenge and reward for a broad array of consumers. Although the main goal of the challenge was to increase brand awareness, they also saw revenue success. In the US alone, the challenge brought in $90,000 in revenue - with GOREWEAR’s ROI exceeding 100 percent overall. At the end of August, GOREWEAR ran an email retargeting campaign to reach out to athletes who had yet to redeem their reward code, and they saw an additional $17,000 in revenue materialize in a 10 day time period.


Total Participants


First Time Challenge Participants


In US Revenue Alone

"If we’re trying to be relevant in North America, we need to be on Strava"

Michael Volkommer

North American Marketing Manager

Learnings & Next Steps

Excited by the results of their first North American Strava challenge, GOREWEAR is excited to take these learnings and apply them to future challenges. GOREWEAR has already signed on for a global challenge in October, and they would like to explore the impact of trying to reach multiple markets under a single challenge. Additionally, they hope to further engage their North American audience on Strava and build on the momentum from this past challenge. GOREWEAR would like to further engage with their Strava club, leveraging its full potential as a social media channel, as they have found it gets higher engagement metrics than their Instagram and Facebook channels. Thus, they are aiming to continually engage the Strava audience beyond just periodic sponsored challenges.

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