The Challenge

COROS challenged Strava athletes to run 37 miles in two weeks to earn a chance to win one of three COROS PACE 2 GPS watches in a Strava exclusive giveaway. 37 miles is the average distance a COROS user logs in two weeks. By choosing this as the goal, COROS wanted to make Strava users ask “why 37?” to spark a larger conversation about the brand and what it stands for.

Why Strava

As a connected device partner, COROS users log activities with their devices and can also instantly see them on Strava, bringing COROS into the view of the wider Strava athletic community. COROS wanted to build on this with a sponsored challenge to supercharge their brand awareness. Given the relatively high price point of their core product line, GPS watches, COROS wanted to use their sponsored challenge to gain greater mindshare amongst the Strava community, with the goal of eventually translating this into purchases and greater market share. COROS noted that Strava provided the biggest reach for their budget and made it easy to reach an international audience. Additionally, being a performance-focused brand, COROS knew that their messaging and brand ethos would resonate strongly with the Strava audience.




Mailing List Signups


New Club Members

“We were incredibly impressed by the responsiveness and attention we received from the Strava team as a first time challenge sponsor. The team walked us through not only the opportunities within the challenge but other ways that we could utilize the Strava platform to grow the COROS brand. Communication was top-notch before, during and after our challenge was completed.”

Dan Suher

Director, Global Sales and Marketing

Impact + Future Steps

COROS was pleased with the results of their challenge. Having set a more ambitious goal of completing 37 miles in two weeks, COROS saw 64.1k participants with a 46 percent completion rate – interestingly, this supported the hypothesis that 37 miles was roughly the average distance completed by their (potential) users in two weeks. Of the 29,890 athletes who completed the challenge, 19k signed up for COROS’ email list – roughly a 60% post-challenge conversion rate. COROS saw an increase of 8.7 percent in their club membership; a total of 1,975 Strava athletes joined their cycling and running clubs during the challenge. COROS is excited by this increase in club membership, as they view their Strava club as a key channel to distribute content and market their brand, sharing blog posts highlighting the stellar achievements of their athletes (ex: UTMB 2022 winner Killian Jornet’s data from the race). As a large percentage of their potential audience is on Strava, as well as their current users, COROS is keen on investing more time and resources into building out their Strava playbook through clubs and challenges. They are keen on exploring how they generate further success with challenges by crafting messaging and innovative challenges that resonate with athletes, potentially around the various Marathon Majors or through segment challenges.

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