Why Strava

As an upstart brand, Bandit had to balance both brand building and revenue generation. This meant that while they wanted to grow mindshare in a saturated market, they needed to ensure that they could drive a positive ROI on their media buy. A boutique running apparel brand, Bandit knew their core consumer was on Strava, so they decided to leverage Strava to reach engaged and active runners through an engaging format.


Bandit was pleased with the results of their campaign, with the results exceeding what they had expected. The Into the Distance Challenge saw nearly 3.5M impressions, and 73,121 Strava athletes joined, with 63% of participants completing the challenge. During the challenge timeframe, Bandit saw significant site traffic, with nearly 50,000 sessions to their site. With a 2X ROI and 6,000 emails collected, Bandit was able to move the needle on lead generation and sales growth, at a better CPA and CPL than they generally see on comparative channels.


Challenge Impressions


Challenge Joins



“The biggest win for Bandit when working with Strava was connecting with runners, who we know love the platform and we want to continue to grow with.”

Tim Rossi

Lead, Brand & Experiential Marketing

Next Steps

Bandit has since run two more challenges to further build on their initial success. Additionally, having grown their club from scratch to just over 4,000 members, they look forward to further unlocking their newly built Strava community.

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