Sponsored Integrations

Enhance the athlete experience

Sponsored Integrations give athletes the option to enhance their posted activities with content that’s unique to your brand. They’ll get an additive experience that helps them tell a better story of their activity, and their intrigued followers will have an easy, tappable means to visit your site or app and learn more.

How Sponsored Integrations Work

If an athlete is using your tech to record an activity, take a class or make the most of their sport, it can be showcased in the Strava feed with a sponsored integration.

Simple setup

An athlete completes an activity and uploads it to Strava via your API integration

Promote athlete effort

The athlete can choose between a traditional overlay to their activity, or upgrade how it looks in the feed with stats, images or content that’s unique to your brand

Easy product discovery

Their followers will encounter your enhanced activity treatment in the feed and see a clear but unobtrusive link to tap and learn more about your integration.

Sponsored integrations Benefits


Introduce your product/tech to your athletes’ followers


Athletes become authentic advocates for the products they love


The integration links to your site where athletes can learn more, sign up or purchase your product

Case Study


Changing the way athletes work out

Zwift sought to build awareness of its virtual fitness products, motivate existing athletes and acquire new customers.


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