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Given Strava’s mission to connect athletes to what motivates them and help them find their personal best, partnering with TrainerRoad was only natural. “We want to extend our reach to make sure more people are aware of TrainerRoad,” explained Co-Founder and CEO, Nate Pearson. For TrainerRoad, that focus includes anyone who is training for a cycling or triathlon event regardless of their classification or ability level.

“The Strava audience is exactly our target market.”

Nate Pearson

Co-Founder, CEO

TrainerRoad leveraged sponsored integrations to augment the 3.7 million workouts uploaded to Strava from their app. With sponsored integrations, TrainerRoad workouts are enhanced with an image depicting the athlete’s effort and a branded banner. 1.2 million unique Strava athletes viewed these workouts and 115,000 people visited TrainerRoad from the ‘learn more’ link in their friend’s activities.

The initiative not only increased awareness of TrainerRoad, but also added value to the athlete experience on Strava. “When you know someone is going to see your results, you try a little harder,” noted Pearson. “We know it hurts the same if you are a beginner or a cat 1 cyclist or a professional, which is why we don’t show FTP (Functional Threshold Power) in the feed.”

The integration also shows athletes how often their friends are using TrainerRoad. “By seeing your friends do indoor training and improve, it becomes more acceptable, and a viable way to get faster,” said Pearson. “I can’t think of something else where your friends can become such a powerful advocate in the digital space.” As a result, TrainerRoad no longer runs traditional banner ads.

TrainerRoad has also built an engaged community through their Strava Club, along with their own Ask a Cycling Coach podcast, and YouTube channel. Since starting the partnership, the TrainerRoad has noticed a significant increase in monthly recurring revenue.

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